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Crazy Ones' Mind

7 April
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Hight: 5'3

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Personality: Nice at times, Bitchy the other.

Age: 24

Hobbies: drawing, reading, playing online,ANIME!

Art: Draws anime an furries. Also paints and writes as well.

Charries: Yuri-Cyborg. Kayiko-Homicidal Maniac-Skunk,Anydralyn-Sorceress, Many more

Animes: *Loves* Slayers,Inuyasha,Evangelion, Oh My Goddess,Tenchi Muyo,Blue Seed,Gun Smith Cats
*Likes* Arc the Lad, Geobreeders,Yuna,Orphen, Dirty Pair Flash,BurnUpW, others

Likes: Chinese food. Coffee icecream. Cute stuffed animals. Cartoons. Anime stores. Hobbie shops. Book stores. Chinese places. Japan.. i dont really have a lot i like..

Dislikes: Annyoing people. Almost all meat type foods.. except chicken and maybe some pork. Having no pencils. Having no wall space!! People with HUGE ego's. Planes. Being in crowds. Parents..The City sometimes. Traveling. Friends living to faw away.